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All text and images © J. Freels, 2011
The Transplant Fund
We're fortunate enough to have some very good friends who like having us around and
have made special efforts to help out with the Transplant Fund.  I've been able to contribute
artwork to several projects in the Tunnels & Trolls gaming community created by people
who have generously contributed proceeds to our Transplant Fund.  Below are links to
these very thoughtful and generous peoples' creations. Thank you everyone for your
The Big Garage Sale
Thanks to Raquel's College
Colleagues and the Olympia
community for a fabulous garage sale
that contributed to the Transplant
Sid's Slimfest
My good Friend, Dr. Sid Orpin went on a hunger strike, well not quite, but he nobly took
it upon himself to take pledges for every pound he could lose to be donated to the
Transplant Fund.
His efforts raised £657 ($1,065)!   Thanks to you Sid, The Solihull Dermatology
Department Crew, Friends, and Family who generously pledged their support!
All money earned by JeffWerx (artwork, game and book sales,
t-shirts, etc.) goes directly to the Transplant Fund. The PayPal link
to the right will allow you to make payment for your custom artwork,
or a donation to the JeffWerx Transplant Fund.  To learn more
about the transplant process look at page two
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TROLLHALLA is Ken St. Andre's on-line Tunnels &
community. Ken generously agreed to organize
an auction of special signed T&T collectibles to
benefit our Transplant Fund. The auction earned
OgreOcre  (written by Ken St. Andre and published by the great folks at Peryton   
Big Red and Little Red (written by Douglas Mitten, published by Khaghbboommm!)
Dungeon of the Rat  (Lone Delver Games)
(also available in print)
The Skolari Vaults (Lone Delver Games)

Bedlam (Tavernmaster)
Devotion to Duty (Tavernmaster)
(also available in print)        
Formication (Tavernmaster)
(also available in print)

Rapscallion  (Tavernmaster)
(also available in print)
Sideshow  (Tavernmaster)
Tales of Stercoran  (Tavernmaster)
also available in print     

The Tavern by the Sea Special Edition  (Tavernmaster with Ken St. Andre)  

Wizard Went A-Wooing  (Khaghbboommm)
When Good Games Go Bad  (Peryton Publishing with Roy Cram)
Well, Raquel is dead.  Thank you for taking an interest in this
project, but I'm still needing to properly update things and clean
things up now that there is no transplant fund to contribute to
anymore.  She is not in pain anymore, and this is the most important
thing now.  Thank you again for stopping by.  Cheers.