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In Loving Memory
Raquel Salinas
August 14, 1969 - April 23, 2018

(April 23, 2018, sorting it out)
I met Raquel in the Winter of 1988, and have been
actively 'in love' with her every day ever since.  We
were together nearly every day and night for 30

She was there for me when my eyes fell apart.  I
have been there for the last 14 years since a bad
prescription drug killed her kidneys, and for the last
2 years when another prescription mishap brought
necrotic tissue damage (gangrene) to her legs.  As
the skin, tissue, muscle and nerves has been being
eaten away, the strongest person I’ve ever known
has been crying and screaming most of her waking
hours.  I have been in charge of everything, trying to
hold a sinking ship together…and unable to do
anything but slow the sinking.  She became
completely immobile several days ago.  Missed
dialysis treatments further building up toxicity in her
blood.  I called medics Monday morning to take her
to hospital, and it was decided a very simple surgery
might remove enough necrotic tissue to give her
body a break to focus on other healing.  They put
her under. Her heart stopped.  Her heart did not
start again.  My wife died today. I held her hand for a
long time after she died; I have not been able to
touch her, not even hold her hands in years for more
than a minute because the pain causes her to cry.  
She is not hurting anymore. 30 years together
almost every day and night, a bad surgery, and I am
left holding my wife until she grew cold.  But she is
not hurting anymore.
~Written for the Altar erected at The Everygreen State College
Things are difficult now as we feel the loss of our Champion.  Raquel was always a
shining example of the principles she believed in. Always warm, patient, insightful, clever
with a sense of delightful silliness, and strong, She inspired others and helped us find
our own strength and power to know that we can make differences for the betterment of
our world.  She never faltered. Raquel took great efforts to conceal her own chronic
pain so as to not be too distracting to those around her, so that she could help them
with whatever issues were at hand, when she could have been asking for a bit of help
from others who would have given it gladly, but she did not want to distract from her
mission.  She was selfless, she was True, she was there for all of us always and in all
ways.  I take comfort in hearing that those who knew Raquel are coming together to
share memories of her, and to honor her spirit.  Our Raquel was Love; she loved us all
and inspired and nurtured love wherever she was.  Love grows and brightens the
darkness. As Raquel spread her light, others found their own light and added to the
brilliance.  I want to offer my sincerest thanks to those of you who gave your Love and
Friendship to Raquel, making her life’s struggles a bit lighter.  

There are no ‘right words’ for this kind of thing.  We can only take our faltering and
lacking words and share them, for it is by doing this that the truth and love behind the
words can be felt and heal and carry us forward to make our world a better place.
We're working to establish an ongoing scholarship in Raquel's name.  She worked her
whole life to help people find their power and hone their skills to improve their own lives
as well as the rest of our world.  it is my understanding that we need $26,000 to
establish an ongoing scholarship to be awarded to new recipients each year.  If we
cannot reach this amount, we will award the earned money as a one time scholarship,
but we're really working to make the everlasting scholarship a reality.  You can make
donations here: