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I'm making this little comic available for two reasons.  Firstly, it's fun to share things with others,
and I hope you'll enjoy the silly little thing.  Secondly, I'm hoping to get some feedback to help
me better understand the process of creating comics for e-readers.

I put this quick little comic together as an experiment to learn about e-reader comic creation.  
Amazon's Kindle Voyage has a cool 'Panel View' feature that shows a single page to show you
the layout, then it zooms in one frame at a time so you can actually read the tiny text and see
the details of the artwork.  Different Amazon readers handle this feature differently, and I'm not
sure if other e-readers support this feature at all or if they have their own equivalents.  

If  you're saying, "Right on, Jeff. Count me in on this educational experiment!" here's what you
can do:

-Click the cover image above to download the mobi file, install it, and see what you think.

-Share your feedback of your experience with me.  Drop me a line at: with
the word 'comic' in the title.  Let me know what device you read the comic on. I'd also like to
know if this was easy to read on your device, as well as any other quirks or cool features you
found.  Comments on the story and silly art are cool too =)

Thanks All!
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~Click the cover image below to download the comic!